Export Thunderbird to Outlook in just a few clicks

“Even with large mail files, Aid4Mail produced problem-free exports in a few seconds.”

—PC Magazine

You’ve got your whole life stored in complex folders within Thunderbird. You’d like to migrate every email directly from Thunderbird to Outlook. But the free solutions take 11 steps (on a good day). And you just don’t have the time or patience to spend hours on something that should be simple and fast…

If you’ve tried converting your emails before, you already know how painful it can be. Thunderbird’s mbox files don’t convert easily to Outlook. When you try workarounds and free downloads, you get:

  • Messed-up folder structures
  • Incorrect message dates
  • Lost data
  • Missing email addresses, status flags and time stamps (due to lost SMTP headers)
  • Broken embedded images
  • Painstaking hours of manual drag-and-drop, if you’ve got more than a dozen folders

Worst of all? There’s no support for those free options. So if and when you need to recover lost data, you’ll have to back out the work you’ve done – and start from scratch.

When You Value Your Time and Want Reliable Results, Convert Thunderbird to Outlook with Aid4Mail

Install a free trial of Aid4Mail to see how easy email migration will be.

1Tell Aid4Mail to export from Thunderbird.

You’ll see the location of your folders, and you can choose to migrate a few folders or all of them.

2Tell Aid4Mail to import to Outlook.

You can migrate to and from 40+ email programs and mailbox formats, including:

  •  Thunderbird
  •  Eudora OSE
  •  Mozilla Mail

3Start the migration.

You’ll see the location of your folders, and you can choose to migrate a few folders or all of them.

Have advanced needs? Trust the sophisticated filtering in Aid4Mail Professional…

  • Convert emails within a date range
  • Convert emails that contain specific keywords
  • Export or remove attachments, or save them separately
  • Export emails as HTML, plain text or both

Images, Timestamps, Email Addresses, Status Flags - Everything That Was in Thunderbird Exports to Outlook

To save space, you can strip attachments and images, if you’d like. It’s up to you!

Your Email in Thunderbird

Your Email in Outlook

Designed for Large Businesses.
Perfect for Even the Smallest Thunderbird Account.

Over 100,000 people have downloaded and used Aid4Mail to easily and quickly export their emails from one platform to another. Built and supported in Switzerland, Aid4Mail is used in 100+ countries.


“It’s a rare treat to use SW that right away does just what I want it to and just as advertised. Huge thanks!”
– Gerry Sollner, USA


“The conversion from Thunderbird to Outlook today went great! Once again Aid4Mail got the job done beautifully. I will continue to use and recommend your software.”
– Michelle Fenley, USA


“Totally awesome – have been wanting to get away from Tbird for months as it has gotten progressively unreliable – finally got to the "I gotta do something now!" point and your stuff worked like a charm.”
– Robert McCoy, USA


“Bought your program (the best $20.00 I ever spent) and it worked PERFECTLY moving EVERYTHING into Outlook.”
– Berkeley F Fuller, USA


“I hated to spend money to get mail from one program to another, but I know I would have pulled my hair out without your program.”
– Richard W., USA

Download Aid4Mail, the Fast, Easy and Reliable Way to Export Thunderbird to Outlook

If you’re not 100% satisfied with how Aid4Mail works and the top-notch personal support we provide, just let us know, and we’ll immediately process a full refund. So there’s no risk!

Aid4Mail Home
For Private Mail Only

  •  Supports 40+ mailbox formats
$29.95 US

Aid4Mail Professional
Professional & Private Mail

  •  Supports 40+ mailbox formats
     Supports MS Exchange
  •  Free priority customer support
  •  Process mail by date range
     Search/Filter emails
$39.95 US

Aid4Mail Migrator
For 50+ Email Accounts

  •  Valid from two months up
  •  Supports 40+ mailbox formats
     Supports MS Exchange
  •  Free priority customer support
  •  Process mail by date range
     Search/Filter emails
     Includes Command Line (CLI)
     Runs from server or thumb drive
     Runs as a Windows Service
FROM $800 US

Be sure to install Outlook before you begin migration.
Double-check the system requirements here…

You’ll love us because “YES” is our favorite word

Are Windows 32-bit and 64-bit supported? YES
Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied? YES
Do you support all versions of Mozilla Thunderbird? YES
Can I get a short-term license instead of a 1-year license?
Do you offer a free trial version? YES
Do I need to have Outlook installed before I begin exporting? YES
Can I export from Thunderbird to Outlook 365? YES
Can I export from Thunderbird to Microsoft Exchange? YES

“I ran a free trial with Aid4Mail and it worked VERY VERY well, so I purchased a license, and the import executed properly on my Eudora installation of almost 100,000 emails.”

One of many Aid4Mail user reviews on CNET